Electro-coat is one of the continent’s most reputable e-coaters.

The demand for higher quality and durability is what is expected by our customers.  At Electrocoat we offer a service that does that.

E-coating is an organic coating method that uses electrical current to deposit paint onto a metal part or assembled metal product. This process is also known as electro-deposition.

At Electrocoat we use the Cathodic Electro-deposited method, the most popular technology, because of its superior adhesion and corrosion protection properties.

“Welcome to Electrocoat a 100% woman-owned business that is in a process of transformation in line with the South African Automotive Masterplan 2035 and priorities of South Africa’s socio-economic development.  While transformation is critical we will never compromise on quality and service.  You can expect only the best of both from our 21-strong team and cutting edge, ISO certified plant, which have a superb track record for over a decade.

We have unmatched turnaround of parts and appreciate and understand cost, quality and delivery demands.

For any coating work, speak to us for service that gets its right the first time!”

Angelique Adcock (MD)     

© Electrocoat  |  All rights reserved

© Electrocoat  |  All rights reserved